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7 Chakra Tumble Set

7 Chakra Tumble Set

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  • [ Product Dimensions ] : Product Weight:-150 Gm Approx. , Prosperity and Abundance crystal healing tumble stones
  • [ Tumble Benefits ] : Tumble Stones are excellent for their vibrational effect and healing benefits, or to use in crystal healing. Tumbles stones are used as energy stones in alternative medicine. Tumbles stones are placed on different chakra points to relieve different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discomforts.
  • [ Balancing Chakras] : Tumbled stones corresponding to each chakra are believed to help balance and align the energy centers in the body, promoting overall well-being and harmony.
  • [ Spiritual Growth] : Using a 7 chakra tumble set in meditation or spiritual practices can aid in spiritual growth and development by facilitating connection with higher realms of consciousness and promoting inner wisdom and insight.
  • [ Increased Awareness ] : Working with tumbled stones aligned with the chakras can help increase awareness of one's energy body and subtle energy fluctuations, leading to greater self-awareness and understanding.
  • [ Improved Communication] : Stones associated with the throat chakra, such as blue lace agate or sodalite, may enhance communication skills, aid in self-expression, and promote speaking one's truth.
  • [ Natural Beauty ] : Tumble Stones showcase the natural beauty of crystals, enhanced by their smooth, polished surfaces. Each stone is a unique creation, reflecting the colors, patterns, and energies of the earth.
  • [ Thoughtful Gift ] : Consider gifting a set of tumbled stones aligned with the seven chakras. This can be a thoughtful present for someone interested in holistic healing, meditation, or spirituality. The set can help them balance and align their energy centers.

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