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  • Bring Clarity

  • Spark your Creativity

  • Focus on Finances / Wealth

  • Become Balanced

  • Positive Mindset

  • Focus on Health

  • Bring Love in Life.

  • Looking to Start Fresh.

  • Feel Secure and Protected.

  • Feel Calm and Release Stress

  • Being able to Focus and Concentrate

  • Being Confident !

  • Shine in Education

  • Enjoy the Happiness and Joy

  • Being able to Grow

  • Release Negativity

  • Having Good luck

  • Bring mind at Peace

  • Achieve Success

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Maitri Export

Welcome to our 50+ years old brand, online haven of natural healing crystals, where serenity meets affordability. Discover over 3000 ethically sourced crystals, each radiating positive energy and unparalleled beauty. At our shop, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices, making the transformative power of crystals accessible to all. Immerse yourself in a world where well-being meets conscious choices – your journey to balance and harmony starts here.

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Crystal Of Month

Clear quartz

Clear quartz crystal, often referred to as the "master healer," is a versatile and powerful stone renowned for its ability to amplify energy and intentions. Its transparent appearance symbolizes clarity of thought and purpose, making it an ideal companion for meditation, manifestation, and spiritual growth. Clear quartz is believed to harmonize and align all chakras, purify the aura, and promote mental clarity, making it an essential addition to any crystal collection or healing practice.

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